No surprise..

Back in England, the 15 freed sailors retracted their earlier TV confessions. Mmmm…..why was I not fucking surprised??

Felix Carman, the dude that was shown on Iranian TV last week said “Let me make this clear – irrespective of what was said in the past – when we were detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard we were inside internationally recognized Iraqi territorial waters,”

For cryin’out loud, of course these people retracted their confession. The moment they arrived UK last Thursday, the British Royal Navy summoned their asses for detailed inquiry and debrief. Do you think the Royal Navy would call them to work on a decorated ‘Thank You’ card to be sent to Ahamedinejad.

Fact is they were in Iranian water, and the GPS could not be wrong, and I don’t think, Iran, in the midst of all Nuke controversies would have done something that they were not certain. I’d say, Iran should have just put them on trial.


~ by pickholes on April 7, 2007.

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