Crime Scene Investigator anyone??

If you watch Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) or read Patricia Cornwell novels, you’d probably agree that these fictions just make forensic science not only an interesting but a glamorous as hell career ever.

Believe this or not, I have read as a result, the demand for pathology course in colleges in US and UK has surged dramatically, and this was a bit of a concern to some academicians. Richard Smith, SEMTA’s director of science, said students embarking on such courses needed to be aware of the limited employment opportunities in this field. He who wrote a report on this said: “This report was commissioned in response to employers’ concerns that young people could well derive false expectations in terms of realistic employment opportunities.”

Much influenced by these fictions, I would imagine some acne-faced chicks out there barely finishing high school, enthusiastically eager to take up forensic science course. These delusional wannabes must have been so steamed up with the fantasy of having a hunky detectives or lawyers or chief police working around them or consulting them, and in between, asking them out for dinner or over to their apartment for some crime scene thingy discussion. It pretty much reminded me of my vigorous dream of becoming a Police traffic officer after too much CHiPS-watching.


~ by pickholes on April 8, 2007.

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