Swiss Cash my Ass…

It was hot on local headline recently. Few get-rich schemes were busted by the relevant authority and as a result, a number of lazy ass mofo lost a fortune. I’d say good for them, I mean those pathetic lazy ass mofo, just whatever fuck makes them think that they could rake up a 1000% return in a year time from the little hard earned money that they presumably invested in.

I don’t blame the Get rich schemes though – they are a bunch of parasitical pimps alright, you know damn well, they’ve been around on and off for as far as I could remember, from the classic Pak Man Teloh to the recent online gold cash. We should all know by now that scheme of this nature are nothing but bogus. We people should have at least learned something after all these years. Yet we could still see suckers who were too fucking lame to be rip-off.

Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for these goons. Get this you loosers, there are just no fucking way to get rich that fast, you can sue someone (if you’re in the Screwed State of America) or inherit wealth but other than these two methods, you have to work your sorry ass off to get rich…


~ by pickholes on April 22, 2007.

One Response to “Swiss Cash my Ass…”

  1. exactly do we spell ‘loosers’, loser?

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