Moving day ….again

Our little family will move to a new place soon. Missus dear will have to start kicking ass….getting herself busy with packing and shit…I could just imagine the hassle…..(thinking of it makes me worn-out already..).

The apartment we are staying now is ok but it seems the kids need more space as they grow. The new place is a landed house with compound area, and a much bigger area for every section of the house. We went to the house yesterday and the kids just loved it.  

The rent is a bitch, yes it’s ridiculous. At the prices I would be forking out here, I could have rented a mansion with a swimming pool back home. For some rationales which are indistinct to me, the property lease prices in this country have increased radically, I mean it has gone up as high as 100% increase. The trend is a grave concern to general public and reliable source said the government is looking into it. It happened in Dubai (that’s for obvious reason) since years ago, and recently the Emirates government intervened by setting a ceiling to property lease increase. I hope it will be the same here.

I met the landlord to negotiate, but unfortunately, he gave me a sorta sliding scale rental that goes with the lease period, it was like this much if you were signing a one year lease and a bit less if were paying for a 2 straight year lease, and payment shall all be in advance. I was like, fuck…2 year lease with an advance payment! Having not much choice, we signed a 2 year lease with a full advance payment…(that came to close to R130K….urgh…it kills!)

But at least we are happy to finally get the house, I am sure it will accommodate us just fine. Missus and kids love it…we’ll be here for the next two years.


~ by pickholes on April 24, 2007.

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