Prince Harry goes to Iraq

I am sure you’ve heard from the ‘fags world of British’ the hullabaloo surrounding the issue of sending Prince Harry to Iraq. The Brits are weighing up whether to send Prince Harry to Iraq.

According to some British newspapers, it is under a constant review by the British Ministry of Defense. The fag is due to head to Iraq with his “A” Squadron of the Blues and Royals regiment in the coming weeks as part of the British troop rotation. His six-month tour is expected to start next month.

The apprehension was triggered when the Iraqi militia groups publicized that they have drawn up detailed plans to seize the prince as a hostage the second he lands his ass in the region next month. The paramilitary groups claimed they had informants in British military barracks in Iraq monitoring the prince. Militia leaders said photographs of Harry had already been disseminated among insurgent groups in the area where the prince would be deployed.

The British has seen Harry as a high-profile target and sending him would therefore bear a high risk to not only him but the people around him. It would put his troops on extra danger.

Well, to me, if that is the weighty anxiety among the Brits here, just don’t send the party-pig prince then. Why bother considering or weighing up whether to send him or not. I mean, common, what is he?? What is the significance of his presence in Iraq. He is only Harry (ok fine, Prince Harry), but still he is just another chap between Tom and Dick. Unless he is there and the whole problem in Iraq is solved, then that would be something else thats worthwhile to ponder. But……never mind.


~ by pickholes on April 28, 2007.

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