only in Thividverenputan..argh..India

Prison for those found misusing water, Gulfnews Online, 1 May 2007

Thiruvananthapuram: Legislation to prevent the misuse of water will soon be introduced by the government of Kerala. Water Resources Minister N.K. Premachandran announced the new law in Thiruvananthapuram yesterday. Those found breaching the new legislation face a fine of Rs100,000 (Dh8,949) and two years imprisonment. Premachandran explained to the media that a permanent observing facility would be included in the new legislation to book those indulging in water exploitation and theft.

(check out the names of place and the minister…. I’d be damn if you can spell them without looking…!) 

No shit, a legislation to book some water-buffalo-creeps out there. This is really viciously something; I just wonder how one could define “misuse” in this case. Is washing your car twice a week considered a misuse? How about taking a shower more than a freakin’ half an hour or may be drinking water more than 8 liter a day. What about watering your plants?? Well…beats me.

A fine of Dh9K or a 2 years imprisonment if you are found breaching the new rule is kinda harsh, would you think. With this kinda ruthless penalty, the authority will have to really draw a clear line on the definition. So a freak would not get fucked with a 2 year imprisonment just because his queer neighbor reports to the relevant authority that he takes a shower like 15 times a day.


~ by pickholes on May 2, 2007.

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