Home sweet home

We finally settled down, yeah, home sweet home.

Man, my weekend was frantically hectic. The whole of last week was fully filled with packing and transferring our stuff from the old apartment to the new house – funny though, as we (me and missus) progressively brought our stuff loaded in trash bags to the new house, we looked as if we were trying to escape from paying long overdue rent. And on weekend, we hired a moving company who deputed 5 banglas and a truck to move the rest of the household bulk items to the new house.

Our regular kakis were there helping us out and by noon, all were done. Damn, those banglas really left us with the house filled with their fucking aroma – a free aromatherapy for our tired souls. And as usual, my sweetpie (missus) who just hated to see the ‘post-moving’ chaos, tirelessly transformed the place so the kids could call it a home, in no time.

We informed the mineral water man and newspaper man of the new address and by yesterday, we had them delivered to the new house, and today, the cable guy will, I hope, come and fix the cable TV

We are throwing thanksgiving doa selamat kenduri this weekend.

The old apartment would be taken up by one of my kakis who had planned to bring his family soon. I am still leasing the old apartment until July, so the earlier he could bring his family, the better – at least I could recover some of the advance rent that I have paid.


~ by pickholes on May 7, 2007.

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