Please define “youth”

I read NSTonline this morning, and one that really caught my attention was a report on Dewan Rakyat debate, “Dewan Rakyat: Divided over youth leaders’ age, is 40 the right maximum age for the leader of a youth body? “

Well, there is a saying that says “Stupid people discuss about stupid subjects’, well, I have to agree to that.

Get this, you are no fucking youth when are 40 dude, you are out, PERIOD!

When the subject was raised, the House was divided over this as members debated an amendment to the Youth Societies and Youth Development Bill 2006, which caps the age of youth organization chiefs at 40. I cannot fucking believe the House which encompass bunch of people elected representatives were confused over the meaning of youth. I’d say the issue should have not been debated at the first place as the term ‘youth’ says it all. It is understood. May be to clear the air a bit, we can define the term youth as when your pricks could hardly stand above 45 degree. Perhaps that would explain better to these morons and could probably end the debate. Damn these people a just plain dumb!

I was reading further to see whether our Datuk ZAM was making any statement on this. Alas, there was none, coz it has been long since I had my last big laugh (you know, the kinda of laugh that make you ladies loose your bladder grip and pee in your pants or struck us guys down rolling on the floor)


~ by pickholes on May 8, 2007.

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