Saturday blues

Saturday…hate it.

When you have a day that started with “how I wish it was holiday today” mood followed by a number of nauseating encounters, you‘d know that the day would not be your day at all. 

First thing in the morning, boss called for a brief ‘unnecessary’ discussion. As I was pretentiously trying to understand his babbling, he all of a fucking sudden sneezed his brain out in front of me without even bother to cover his mouth thus showering me with his garlicky saliva. Sign of bad luck..????

Then a regular asshole ‘borrowed’ a stick of cigarette and a lighter from me and forgot to return the lighter. I later realized the lighter was missing when I was about to light my cigarette. For smokers out there, you could just imagine the irritation there. I had to go back to my office looking for him to get my lighter back.

And then there was this one guy who never seems to learn anything around here, and kept harping on me for a continuous guidance – does he ever learn anything after all this while and try to at least be on his own.

I mean.. …small petty things alright, but when they all happened on your Saturday morning, you know your day is fucked!


~ by pickholes on May 12, 2007.

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