Ananda and Maxis..alahai..


Alahai Kassim……he doesn’t have to be a lawyer, magistrate or even ahli muzik, he should’ve been an oil trader like Ananda Krishnan…

Sizzling hot in Malaysian Market now, our Ananda Krishnan, one of Malaysia’s richest men, has proposed to take private Maxis Communications, the nation’s largest mobile operator and a company that he founded. The buyout offer is reported to be worth at least USD5bn.

The 5B is may be nothing to him as he is even anticipated to offer a 10 to 20 percent premium over Maxis’ last traded price of RM13, but the bugging question here is why? What is his big plan?

Well, if you read, officially it was reported that Maxis plans to seek a foreign listing later, in line with its expansion into Indonesian and Indian market. Maxis owns India’s Aircel and Indonesia’s Natrindo Telepon Secular, both are unlisted.

God knows what he has in his head, but one thing for sure, buying Maxis and having a full control of it may make whatever vision he has for the company to run smoother. He could be probably sick and tired of the presence of GLC or minority shareholders with their bureaucratic burdens and interferences. He may take it private initially and at his own accord plan to list it overseas where he could probably able to exert and raise a much more sum of foreign capital for further international expansion without much GLC bureaucratic crap.

Whatever it is, the proposed buy out is a definite windfall for some of us out there…


~ by pickholes on May 13, 2007.

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