Muslim men urged to marry single mothers

I find it amusing when I read in local daily today, one head of the Islamic and welfare committee in northeast Terengganu state, was quoted as saying there were 18,000 single mothers in the state alone. He then urged Muslim men, who are allowed to take up to four wives, to marry single mothers to reduce the number of women bringing up children alone.

He was quoted saying “In my constituency alone, there are now some 300 single mothers and those intending to remarry should consider these women,”. “Those who are eligible can look after these single mothers, by accepting them as wives,” he added.

If only life goes that simple.

Who would have ever thought of such a shallow spastic thinking actually came from a head of some religious department. Toupee pervert here should be the guinea pig and let him be the first to make the move. If he could get away swiftly in getting another three, I am sure the rest will follow. I mean, there could probably be a thousand other subtle ways to help the single mothers than to advocate married man to consider marrying them. You could solve one problem but at the same time creating one helluva disaster.


~ by pickholes on May 16, 2007.

One Response to “Muslim men urged to marry single mothers”

  1. If we are talking about a community or group that already allows polygamy, it’s not all that perverted. It really is a lovely gesture intended to offer protection and support for single mothers. It also encourages suitors to pursue a group that may be deemed undesirable for marriage.

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