Mila, fisrt female winner of Akademi Fantasia 5


Akademi Fantasia is said to be a program that bleed dry people time and money. Well, if you ask the AF5 winner, she’d probably has this to say.. “It’s a down right waste of YOUR money alright, but I’m going home with a whopping RM400,000 worth of goodies…!”.

Last night, at the finale, Nursyarmilla Jirin was announced as the winner of AF5. With that, the 19 year old former lounge singer took home prizes worth close to RM400K. Damn, that’s close to half a million!

The prizes include a cash of RM20,000, a condominium at A Famosa Resort in Malacca, a Toyota Vios and holiday package to Gold Coast, Australia. Second place went to Edi Cornelis, 23, from Sabah, who won RM10,000 and a Toyota Vios while the third-placed winner was Muhammad Nur Aswad Jafar, 27, who took home RM5,000 and a ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland. 


~ by pickholes on May 20, 2007.

4 Responses to “Mila, fisrt female winner of Akademi Fantasia 5”

  1. mila!!!!menang gak ko akhernye…
    puas la kaklong and wan afundi dia…

  2. aaiii…untong la maestro…

  3. hcpmd masxvo fylaetq dwva czmqhsla qskw oyewusbq

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