Parents – beware!

During my schooling years, when some of us cracked silly irrelevant jokes in the middle of a class, the teacher went “When you have nothing smart to say, just don’t say anything”. But our intent then was decent – just to break the class dullness and enlighten the atmosphere.

And as you grow, the truth of this rule is becoming apparently evident. Indeed, when you have nothing smart to say, just don’t say anything at all. The risk of breaking this rule is that – people might think you are stupid, no matter what your intent is.

Johari Baharum, our dear Deputy Internal Security Minister broke the rule by calling for the authorities to take action against parents whose children had gone missing because of their negligence. The man here was talking about police involvement to punish, fine or imprison parents! Several NGOs jumped objecting such dump proposal.

Fact is no parents will want or allow or encourage their children to leave the house or involve in social ills. I’m sure all sane parents would want the kids to grow up to be somebody (at least better than our dear deputy minister here). It is well understood, parents have roles to play in upbringing our kids, but for some untoward reasons, some kids misbehave and get into trouble or ran away from homes. Nothing peculiar, incidents of runaway kids are far and wide, and not once have I heard cases where the authority who is supposed to help the worry-sick parent tracking the kids is now going after the parents for failure in doing good supervision.

Suaram executive director Yap Swee Seng was probably short of calling him plain retard said such a measure would not be fair to parents.  “It is a ridiculous proposal. This is not the way to the address the problem.  Supervision is only one part. Why are children involved in social problems? Is it because of the environment, poverty and so on? Is the Government providing sufficient programmes, infrastructure and support for youths? If not, the Government can also be charged with negligence. That is why this is not the way to go. It is against the principles of law.” 


~ by pickholes on May 26, 2007.

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