War against Iran?

The United States has been accusing Iran of building nuclear weapons but our man Ahmedinejad keeps insisting that the program is for communal use to generate energy for their growing population. It has been like this for months now…” you do, no I don’t, yes you do, no I don’t, yes you DO, no I DON’T…. “

Egoistically, the US just want to hear what they want to hear. They were expecting something like this coming out from Ahmedinejad “..Yes misterr Bush, if you arrre asking me whetherrr I am building a nuclearrr weapon, the answerrr to that is YES I am, so I can fucking blow your brain out so purrllease come and get me beforrre its too late” .

US have already positioned nine warships at the Gulf to flex their muscle off to Iran. I doubt Iran could even care, Ahmedinejad has recently threatened a “severe” retaliation if the US attacked his country. I am sure the move scares the living shit out of the neighboring US-ass licking countries more than it does to Iran. Obviously, any possible military confrontation would hit the Gulf economies and threaten vital oil export.

The warships crossed the Straits of Hormuz just last Wednesday. Iran reacted to this mass deployment saying “Go and fuck yourself…I am not gonna back an inch off for your fuck sake..” no, he didn’t say that (though I wish he could just blast that), Iran reacted “….The enemies aim to prevent us from using peaceful nuclear technology, not for scientific reasons but because they want to eradicate the roots of the principles of the Islamic republic, ……….therefore if we stop, even for a moment, they will achieve their aims”

On a serious note, I hate to see the two countries getting into a war. Over the last few weeks, both leaders have been touring Middle East countries, probably telling their own version of stories to gain supports. Hope they will start talking sense.


~ by pickholes on May 27, 2007.

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