No Maids from China

MCA’s Dr Ng has opposed the government’s plan to recruit Chinese nationals as domestic maids, calling them “little dragon ladies” who seduce local married men. Ng was quoted as saying that the she had received numerous complaints from local women about their husbands falling prey to the charm of women from China. MCA is against the move unless the interests of local women are protected.

Damn straight, she is right, with the charm of that little fair skin chicks and the ‘anything goes” attitude of local Chinese, it is a wreck to any marriage.

Ok, forget Chinese or Indian or even Indon (the latter two may also create problems to Indian or Malay families), and Indon agents were reportedly asking for way to much anyway. The government should now start considering bringing domestic maids from former Soviet countries like the blue-eyed chicks of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan or Ukraine.

How about that? Just give it a try, debate this proposal in Parliament. The PM may most likely be wide awake discussing on this and yeah, rest assure majority will probably render their full support.


~ by pickholes on May 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “No Maids from China”

  1. yeah right, but I bet Sharizat and the gang will fight till the ends…ha..ha..ha.. !

  2. heck, in local political circus, you could say anything, just don’t forget to apologize later..

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