Sorry..we don’t do MLM – Pakis Docs

In Malaysia, there was at one time an issue over doctors who participated in Multi-level Marketing (MLM) scheme. These practitioners were claimed to be selling the product to naïve patient as prescribed medications, as to certain extend the act might be questionable in terms of professional ethics. And we thought they were bad ass hungry doctors for doing this side business!

And check this out! In Pakistan, nine people, including four doctors and owners of three private hospitals, have been arrested for their alleged involvement in kidney selling racket. Kidneys trading is a money-spinning business there!

So it seems Pakis scumbag doctors are more business minded than ours. Dreadfully the modus operandi goes by drugging unconscious the patients who come to clinics for whatever reasons there are, and remove their kidneys without consent. Can you imagine, one Salehuddeeen dude (just trying to make it sounds a bit Pakis) goes to a clinic for a fake headache (just to get an MC may be), and end up being drugged and having his kidney removed. Sicko…


~ by pickholes on May 28, 2007.

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