How rational is rational – and what is it anyway..?

I was with one moronic dickhead yesterday discussing or rather arguing something that I strongly felt should’ve not been argued at the first place. What pissed the fucking hell outta me was the way he kept interrupting me before I even finished my sentences, enlightening me to be a bit rational in my argument. I was so pissed, I mean, for fuck sake, if he could have just listened and quit barging in at my every sentence, he would have gotten my point (though it was pointless, but that’ll be another story altogether).

Be rational and think openly – this motherhood phrase is widely used. Its being said way too often that we don’t even know what the real meaning of this phrase is. You say it, your colleague says it and even your significant others would probably say it whenever she runs out of idea in an argument.

Rational thinking takes guts to do it! Super-Egoist can just forget about this – as this people don’t have guts to think rational.

In trouble-free terms, rational means balanced, impartial and unprejudiced. If one has to take or think matter rationally, one has to start doing so at a ground zero level of mindset – as not to be influenced by preset notions. Regressing to ground zero is easier said than done, as this requires ones to actually ease their minds to allow perception of all possibilities and alternative from all angles by all including theirs at equal weight of considerations. This works well with the absence of favoritism or pre conceived notions in mind.

Now, tell me whether it is possible to be ‘rational’ (…yeah rational my ass) in the middle of an argument. Hell no, or else there would not be an argument at the first place. That’s the very reason psychologist are suggesting a ‘time-off’ method of cooling down. Time off methodology illustrates the need for our mind to regress to ground zero, and thus allowing rational thinking.


~ by pickholes on May 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “How rational is rational – and what is it anyway..?”

  1. Often small differences in the way you think can lead to differences result. A know-it-all is a person who feels that he knows everything that he need to know about a subject. But the fact is he have unconsciously, accidentally, slipped into the intelligence trap of the low performer. This is a person who does not know, and does not know that he does not know. Huh…huh…whatever lah…just keep our mind open.

  2. right on Laer…as long as you don’t know what you don’t know, you are basicaly a know-it-all person…

  3. Bro, just to say hello and continue your good writings.. look forward for the next episode.

  4. cheer bro, whats up with the VW??

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