Terrorist plot at JFK…they actually foiled it??

The US authorities said they foiled a terrorist plot to bomb fuel tanks and pipelines at JFK airport, averting an explosion they said would have also devastated large portions of the nearby Queens neighborhood. Four suspected Islamic extremists have been charged over the alleged plot. “Had the plot been carried out, it could have resulted in unfathomable damage, deaths, and destruction,” US Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf said.

Yeah right….

Well, how do we know whether this was not something that the US cooked-up to divert the average Americans attention from real problems at hand?

Most ordinary Americans are unconsciously suffering from some sorta phobia as a result of continuing brainwashing by their leaders. They have been conditioned to jump their ass off hysterically against the word “terrorist” (they could even go ape-wild if they have to sit next to a person by the name of Mohammad or Abdul. To this people, any news on terrorist plots will make them shit their pants or at least grab their attention.

A fine plot cooked-up story refreshes them to re-recognize Bush’s endless (and brainless) effort on “fight on terror”, endorsing the billions spent on it and blessing life of thousands young soldiers killed for it.

Plus…with all the prevailing issues at hand – imagine the billions spent in hunting down Al Qaida when Al Qaida linked militia (Fatah Al Islam) appears to be very much alive in Palestinian refuge camp in Lebanon, what about the upcoming G8 submit on Global Warming where US seems to take a different stance against other members or back home, by end of this spring term, there are just too much to answer on 28 school kids died of shooting at school this year etc etc. and much more of the mounting domestic issues.

Knowing the malicious political conspiracy played by the US, one can never really tell the truth of any breaking news!! There are ways to justify your past screwed-ups or to distract world attention from real problems at hand. This could be just one of the ways…


~ by pickholes on June 4, 2007.

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