Na.. na.. na ….Terengganu (Gonu) kita….

Cyclone Gonu is gone (left for Iran), damn that was one helluva experience that we went through. Offices, Schools, gas stations and stores were all closed for 5 days. Taps were dried and on the day when the cyclone hit the area, power supply was cut off intermittently. Al Jazeera reported more than 20 people died (the local TV announced 49 fatalities).

We were practically locked up in the house the whole time, luckily missus bought enough rations to last for us and few of our friends who we invited to stay with us.

Can you imagine, the last hurricane swept up this place more than 100 years ago with more than 700 people died, so people just didn’t know what to expect. Though we were barred from wondering on the road, few of us went out driving and took pictures. Man, it was hell, the cyclone flooded most low land area and knocked down tress all over. Major roads were covered with milky mud and some parts of highways were cracked and some broken into pieces. Cars, trucks and buses were either thrown or drifted away with some stacking on top on each other…man! (no fucking exaggeration here ok).

On the third day, I went to the nearest hypermarket to get drinking water and some provisions; you could not believe just how many people were thronging the place. It was sardine-pack with bunch of lunatics who must have thought the cyclone would last for years – pushing trolleys and trolleys of food stuff in massive quantity, more that what they actually needed. Mineral waters were becoming highly demanded commodity; people were short of killing each other to buy boxes and boxes of it (ok, a bit of exaggeration here). Pissed me off when the supermarket didn’t limit the number of boxes one could buy. I didn’t get any though; they should have put the limit.

Things are cooling down today, the tap runs (still on ration, though) and I am back in office. Looking around on the way here this morning, boy oh boy, I’d be damn if the government could actually clear out the fucked-up aftermaths in a month or two – it would probably take ages for things to be back as usual. Some shits man…


~ by pickholes on June 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Na.. na.. na ….Terengganu (Gonu) kita….”

  1. i was there when GONU came to visit.
    he asked me where to go, so i told him to go to Ghubra n some other places besides Al-khuwair. eheheh

  2. Apa-apapun, syukur pada Tuhan Bro, Lu selamat. Kuala Lumpur lagi lawak, ada terowong SMARt tapi Banjir lagi teruk dari dulu…nasib le….!

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