Oopss, did I just kill you??

US troops mistakenly kill 7 Afghan policemen.

US-led soldiers and warplanes killed seven Afghan policemen in a midnight battle that erupted when both sides mistook each other for militants. A spokesman said the ‘heartbreaking incident’ was a result of ‘a misunderstanding and lack of coordination.’

People may tolerate yet another “misunderstanding and lack of coordination” had there been no loss of life involved.

Don’t be fooled by all of this “misunderstanding and lack of coordination” fucked-up ploy. This is nothing more than a screwed-up jargon hype designed to mislead and stir your mercy. I wonder just what kinda people (or rather what level of IQ) are they sending to lead the force there??

First of all, you just don’t screw up in a war zone, you just don’t, and second, shamefully this so called “misunderstanding and lack of coordination” appears to be recurring now. It’s certainly all right to “misunderstand” in a game of say, football or even when you fumble in flirting around, but in a war zone??

Check this out, in 2002, I’d presumed the same “misunderstanding and lack of coordination” (fuck, lets refer this smart-ass sounded reason as “major fucked-up’) led to a US warplane to mistakenly bombed a Canadian unit, killing four soldiers. And in April 2006, another major fucked-up caused the life of six policemen when coalition helicopters fired rockets and bullets in support of Afghan forces. In late April this year, another major fucked-up caused the life of more than 50 innocent civilians when the US Special Forces led an operation in the western province of Heart.

“Misunderstanding and lack of coordination” my ass….


~ by pickholes on June 13, 2007.

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