Just another shooting gallery for Israel

Hamas’ declared victory in Gaza, so what?

The Hamas as seen on TV were joyously celebrating their victory, but from far, I see it as an overall defeat of a confused territory as a result of political ego. I am terribly sorry…

I am sure the Israel and his cohorts are laughing. What the people of Palestine direly needs is a united Palestine. For ordinary sane Palestinians, there is virtually nothing that they could gain out of this so called “victory”. Instead of going united to scrap Israel, their chaotic territories are now split into two entities, with the West Bank under Abbas’ Fatah Party and Gaza under Hamas.

Ok may be the Israel would shiver a bit since Gaza is now ruled by Hamas, an organization that doesn’t recognize Israel, but other than that, Palestine will remain as wretched as it is now.

So sad…


~ by pickholes on June 16, 2007.

One Response to “Just another shooting gallery for Israel”

  1. I guess ignorance is bliss!

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