You’re Punked!

Govt Never Recognised Qualifications Of Two Foreign Universities: Shafie

KOTA KINABALU, July 30 (Bernama) – Minister of Higher Education Datuk Dr Mohd Shafie Salleh Saturday said that his ministry has never recognised the qualifications awarded by two universities, the Irish International University and Cambridgeshire University.

“There are claims that a letter from the Public Service Department (JPA) and another from the Private Education Department (JPS)) were said “to recognise” the qualifications from these two universities,” he told reporters upon his arrival at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport here this evening for a two-day visit to Sabah.

Dr Mohd Shafie said the claim made by Cambridgeshire University was on their short courses, which did not amount to recognition as short courses did not need approval from the authorities because participants were usually awarded a certificates of attendance only.

Furthermore, the courses were approved on the basis they would be conducted on tutorial basis only, he said. Touching on the letter from JPA to a query about the equivalent of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the Irish International University, he said the letter only merely stated a principle applied by the department that post-graduate qualifications were recognised on the condition that a person held a bachelor’s degree recognised by the government.

However, he said: “The government has never recognised any degree from the so called Irish International University.”

At the press conference, he also said that in view of the rapid growth of electronics learning programmes, the government was reviewing quality assurance procedures to ensure that new learning modules conformed to required standards.

“This is to ensure students and the public are protected from poor quality education both locally and internationally,” Dr Mohd Shafie said.


More here. Interesting, guess just who graduated from this bogus university (or rather degree mill). Type SN-3632 in Irish International University page here, you’ll find out…how cheap!


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