Yo, check out ma Echo..

I read the U.S. Senate last week approved a plan that would enable the federal government to sue OPEC for price manipulation.

At 3 bucks a gallon, the Americans have had enough of squeezing their big fat ass in small saloon cars just to save on gas………gone are the days of hip-hoping in SUV, Hummer and big GMC machines. Rapping outta a little Toyota Echo just doesn’t cut it for those hardcore rappers! Americans are fucking desperate and could not think straight, bugging their brain-tumored politicians to push forward this plan.

To my surprise, the White House has threatened to veto the measure and opponents to this plan warned that OPEC members could retaliate by turning off the taps (well, I’m sure there is a political reasons for this veto threat that I am so naïve to grasp)

Anyway, I don’t think the OPEC would give a fuck to this plan. Why would they. OPEC’s members are all immune to lawsuits because their decisions were “acts of state” on behalf of foreign governments.

The US had approved a similar measure in 2005 but it was dropped before the bill was finalized. Those who are opposing this bill admitted that it was popular but warned that OPEC nations -source of about a third of the world’s oil – could reciprocate and sue the United States in their courts. According to some of the opponents, the plan would be unenforceable and would hurt U.S. consumers more than it would OPEC. Said one, “OPEC producers could just decide not to sell oil to us any longer….they would suffer the loss of some profits but our entire economy could come to a grinding halt.”

Damn straight, you’re right!


~ by pickholes on June 20, 2007.

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