Teh Tarek satu!!

I posted about this last week and I was wondering though, how exactly these type of people bastards are looking at money. Having just too much, may be it means nothing to them.

Recently, Airbus sales director John Leahy announced that Airbus A380 has been ordered by a mysterious buyer for use as a private jet, but he declined to say who is the buyer and when or to where the jet would be delivered. The buyer is not from Europe or the United States. Rumor has it that most likely the buyer is from one of the oil rich country.

The sheikhs are doing it “macam order teh tarek or beli sayur kat pasar”…

It will be for personal use for him and his entourage. Price tag for the jet is more than USD300 million and cost to custom fit the jet would hover around that much too.

The A380, the world biggest airliner, is capable of carrying 840 passengers, has 900 square metres (10,000 square feet) of cabin space and towers over its biggest rival, the Boeing 747. It has twin-aisle cabins on the upper and lower decks, with 49% more floor space for 35% higher seating capacity. A three-class layout provides 555 seats. A typical upper deck layout provides 96 business- and 103 economy-class seats. The main deck provides 22 first-class seats and 334 economy-class seats.

We’ll see A380 in action later this year, probably October, with Singapore Airlines being the first airliner to fly it.

As of to date, Emirates Airline is the biggest single client for the A380, the rest are here:-

  1. Emirates – 55
  2. Qantas – 20
  3. Singapore Airlines – 19
  4. Lufthansa – 15
  5. Air France – 12
  6. ILFC – 10
  7. Malaysia Airlines – 6
  8. Thai Airways – 6
  9. Virgin – 6
  10. Qatar – 5
  11. China Southern – 5
  12. Kingfisher – 5
  13. Korea Air – 5

~ by pickholes on June 23, 2007.

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