The SMART way to spend RM2 billion

The RM2 billion SMART (Storm Water Management and Road Tunnel) eventually goes on action last night, 2 weeks after people already started paying toll for the motorway tunnel.

I never knew there are two components of this whole tunnel – the water storm tunnel and motor way tunnel (do I have to know??), until two weeks ago when the government announced the opening of the SMART tunnel by slapping RM2 toll to traffic users, and on the very following day, KL was hit by a massive flash flood, worse than 2003. After a public outcry, the government explained that the SMART was not wholly in operational, only the motorway tunnel was ready; the storm water part of it was still not ready…duh..

Now, both component of the tunnel are fully functional and opened, so I presume KL folks could kiss a flash flood good bye! But our director general of Drainage and Irrigation Department said “ Err…I don’t think so folks….”

The RM2 billion spent on the tunnel are apparently solving 45% of the problem. It appears that the tunnel is designed to handle only 45 per cent of floodwaters coming from the three rivers in KL (Gombak, Klang and Keroh). The rest will have to divert to the existing dams and big ponds. So pray that these existing mitigation modes will take care of the 55% floodwater, or else, here comes the flash flood again…

And another thing, the SMART will divert excess water only from Sungai Klang, the director general of Drainage and Irrigation Department cautioned that the tunnel might not be able to operate well if the next bout of heavy rains in Kuala Lumpur hit Sungai Gombak instead of Sungai Klang, which it was designed to divert water from.

Another RM2 billion please…


~ by pickholes on June 24, 2007.

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