ada cerita baik ka boss??


If you toss these dudes in the hustle and bustle of Petaling Street to roam around, I am dead-sure nobody would probably be able to spot anything exceptionally stunning about them. And if you happen to bump into any one of them, the odds of you asking him with “..ello boss, ada VCD blue ka..??..” is there.

They are actually, from left to right, Steven Chen of YouTube, Jerry Yang of YaHoo, Jack Ma of Alibaba and err..seriously, I’m just dumbfucked to make out who the heck is this guy really?? (you could probably ask this guy which way is it to Batu Cave??)


~ by pickholes on June 25, 2007.

One Response to “ada cerita baik ka boss??”

  1. oOOooOOoo…. I knew this guy, he’s the mother fucker that always need to hang high his left foot for a fluence huge “fart”. Can you imagine when he capable to release it in silence, ….. smells like a dead frog..!!

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