Summer Blockbuster – Altantuya Murder trial

A boring trail of justice (reminds me of our ex-DPM butt-fucking charge..)

A down right waste of time and money, just cut it out will you people?? Do we need to know the nitty gritty when most of us know what was actually going on there?? To the supporters out there…what with all that printed t-shirts and shits …argh..give me a break!! Just wrap it and throw the crook ass and his mobs to jail.

Sigh… sick and tired of reading about it…just wake me up when it comes to the ending… I cannot wait.


~ by pickholes on June 27, 2007.

One Response to “Summer Blockbuster – Altantuya Murder trial”

  1. memang bowing betul cite kat msia ni tak habis cite rempit, pak lah asik tido ngan bola malaysia kalah heheheh

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