Ariba ariba .. Mexican ‘world’s richest person’

The world richest person is now a Mexican, and no, he is not rich selling beans and chilies or burritos, he is a Mexico’s telecoms tycoon, Carlos Slim.

He has overtaken Bill Gates to become the world’s richest person. He’s worth $67.8bn above Bill Gates’ $59.2bn.

Carlos Slim is the 67-year-old son of Lebanese immigrants. He started his business life in property before moving on to invest in a stock brokerage, a bottling company, and, more recently, the telephone sector.

During the Latin American economic crisis of the early 1980s, Mr Slim made a name for himself – and substantial profits – by buying a number of struggling companies at very low prices before transforming their fortunes.

In April, Forbes magazine estimated that Mr Slim was the world’s second-richest person behind Mr Gates and ahead of US billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Like Mr Gates, Mr Slim is well-known for his generous charity donations.


~ by pickholes on July 4, 2007.

One Response to “Ariba ariba .. Mexican ‘world’s richest person’”

  1. haaaa…dia nie tokan jual kokain dulu kot? kalo tak tak kaya cepat nie…

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