Today is 7th July 2007, its 7/7/07!

Not being superstitious or anything here but its 7/7/07 today!

Hantaran RM7,777 if not 77,777 may sound familiar in our pathetic local entertainment scenes. For those 4D freaks, 7777 would be their likely shot today.

Missus arrived two days ago, but the luggage will only arrive KLIA today, from Bangkok. The Bangkok what-his-name airport sucks, they still screw-up on luggage handlings. It has been a persisted problem since day one of its operation in September 2006. Go and Googgle “luggage problem at Bangkok International airport” and you’ll see.

Missus called this morning, on her way with our eldest daughter and Junior to KLIA to get the luggage – there were some perishables in there…damn.

Our daughter’s registration starts tomorrow morning but classes will only start a week later.

To Sweetpie, princess and my little junior, have a good time in KL…..


~ by pickholes on July 7, 2007.

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