Uzbekistan thrashed Malaysia 5-0

That reads “LIMA KOSONG!!”.

National football coach Norizan Bakar has finally conceded that Malaysia do not have the quality to compete in the Asian Cup Finals.

May be we should just forget soccer for good and concentrate on things that we are exceptionally good at, like, uh…pulling a train using your teeth or making the biggest capati, longest lemang or biggest dodol or some shits like that.

Takraw anyone?? sepak-takraw_03.jpg


~ by pickholes on July 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Uzbekistan thrashed Malaysia 5-0”

  1. Takraw!! Not a chance.
    May be lawn bowling a good chance.

  2. takraw ok gak.
    tapi gubra lake da takda.
    macam mana nak main da?

  3. sedih…gubra lake…halas….

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