Thought of updating my blog earlier but just could not find the right moment. Not that I was busy or anything, it’s just that my days now are too precious to waste on bitching here. I am now deep in the state of lazi-ass-ness.

My daily routine begins from waking up early, breakfast at mamak stall or kedai mak cik mak cik (obviously with whole lots of fattening choices of kuih et all), picking up newspapers (just name it..), lepak, eat, lepak, eat and eat and…. Well, I think thats about all!

Whilst life is great (at least for me it is), I could not help but to be distraught by the mounting number of malicious and pitiless things that are happening in our society. They’re really disturbing. It seems our society is exponentially filled by days with more morons, psychopaths, freaks, weirdos and fuck-ups. If you flip the papers, cold blooded murders, suicides, rapes and child abuses are becoming pretty standard bulletins. It makes me sick.

I enjoy reading local politics though, it makes good entertainment. Seriously, I do enjoy reading them.

Like yesterday, Muhammad Muhammad Taib proposed to the government to develop special laws (special my ass!!) to take action against webmasters and bloggers, including foreigners who published comments to slander or insult the country and to call for the revocation of citizenship of Malaysians considered traitors, whether the offence is committed locally or overseas. Well, what can I say to something that came out from this guy, fact is sir – in a cyberworld, your proposal is stupidly so unthinkable and close to impractical. But giving a benefit of the doubt, I really hope that he was just joking.

I mean we all know what the real problems out there are. We can set apart which ones raised by pea-brained politicians could be taken seriously and which ones are just plain talk cocks with not a thing more to it. On the same day too, the Sultan of Selangor however raised his concerns on matters that make real sense to people like checking on corruption, bureaucratic red tape, race problems, religious intolerance, the brain drain and crime. Now, these are real…

Oppss…times up, I am off for lunch – Nasi Kandaq


~ by pickholes on August 15, 2007.

One Response to “Zzzz….”

  1. been reading ur blog for awhile.. and i don’t know that they proposed about taking actions on freelance writer on the net.. that’s just bs.. thanx for the info tho.. anyways..
    hi! nice to “meet” you!

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