Don’t forget “Ikan Talang”

Time does fly, damn. I have less than a week before hitting the road home. Argh….

Breakfast and lunch today was at Mee Abu and for dinner tonight, we are heading to Darul Aman for their infamous Steam-boat. Makan makan makan….

Me and missus always joke on just how much we eat everyday. Imagine asking what to have for dinner right after stuffing yourselves with massive lunch or minum petang….. Glad though that we still managed to squeeze our ‘busy” schedule for couple of gym session a week. Well, at least we don’t feel so guilty!

Missus is out now doing last minute shopping- hope we won’t forget ‘essential’ provision to bring back home.

My hand still smells like curry…….

p/s laer, wish we could meet…lost your mobile number..


~ by pickholes on August 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Don’t forget “Ikan Talang””

  1. o wan three four o six five six wan tuuu… Bro, where are u ?

  2. BTW, Kalau boleh, call aku mlm ni 04-9171826. Esok kul 9 pg sampai 4 ptg aku ada Exam kat Alor Setar. Dah tuo-tuo ni haa baru sibuk mintak kojo dgn Gomen….ha..ha..ha…


  3. Plaq, tgl laer punye gambar leh tahan badan..kena ajak dia gi gym tu..

  4. erk…. I still got two more weeks to go b4 grabbing my bag way back home. weiiii…… pls enjoy “hujan” or u’ll regret it for the next 6 months… he he he.. I went for “Yong Tau Fuu” last night and some “ikan bakar”…. ho hooooooooo….. enough for me to spare the taste for the next few weeks..

    eat as much as you wish to, don’t worry… “hammer gim” will settle all the excess fats as well.

    ps. enjoying “hujan malam”…. enjoying tido ngan bini…. ho hoooooo senonooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkk……..!!!

  5. erk…. I’d spared “dua balang besar” PP…. = pickels petai = jeruk petai…. hope u’l enjoy it…. during holiday. ha ha ha ha

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