this is worse than Monday blues

I don’t know where to start and what to do first. First day in office after a long break is always a bitch. I feel ‘zong’ (such a word??) and lost, colleague came in and out of my office flagging welcome back… yeah yeah… This morning, Haj briefed me on what went on and what’s going on, though I appeared immersed in discussion, frankly half of my mind was still at Zam Zam nasi kandaq.

My desk is full of junks that I need to clear (read ‘shred’).

Nevertheless, I feel rejuvenated. The one month off was a good break – we all need that.

Thanks to Laer for willing to drop by for teh tarek (make that teh tarek kurang manis and air suam) at cherry the other night. My…you looked different bro. We caught up a lot, and yeah, as we’re crawling into this confused phase of life, there is always a voice within that triggers us to look at life more intensely. Our priority in life does not actually change though, it evolves.

To my contractor friend from Branang who I barely managed to meet for only a short while, please keep in touch and don’t forget to update me once in a while. I trust you buddy…

And to my KLCC-buddy, thanks for your visit and time spent lepaking with me at Aseanna, Dome and many of those bistros. Anyway, age is catching up bro… screw but don’t screw up!

Hey I am back!!


~ by pickholes on August 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “this is worse than Monday blues”

  1. zam zam’s waiter loking forward to see u next year..hehehehhee. Will have breakfast at zam zam nasi kandaq tommorow on behalf of u…

  2. Live in the real world. Life is too short to be small. Hoping to see u next year teh tarik session. Call lah kawan kau ni awal skit….

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