Ops Bersih and balik kampong !

The star reported yesterday that bus operators nationwide were facing shortage of drivers as a result of the Ops Bersih instigated by the authority. The situation, if continued, could affect the coming balik kampung rush for Hari Raya!

Pusing sana pusing sini, the public will always be on the losing side…

Ops Bersih was just one of those knee-jerk retrospective actions that the authority took to satisfy the public (or justify to the public of their screwed-ups) following the Bukit Gantang express bus accident.

The Ops Bersih was actually just that, nothing more. It was a scam.. the relevant authority just wanted to be seen as doing something. Well, it might please 90% of the public, but to me Ops Bersih is nothing but a phony initiative.

It ticks me off to note that the Ops Bersih was just targeting only on drivers as if drivers were the sole culprit for all the mishaps. Bear in mind that these people are as decent human as we are. They go to work with no intention to kill, but we treat them like criminals or murderers when accident happens.

We observed that those unfortunate few that were involved in accidents were reported to be either too tired or just fell asleep on wheel. If that were seen to be the root cause here, than common sense would suggest that the only way to resolve this is to depute more drivers on board per trip, to revise the schedule as to provide drivers with enough rest or just allow frequent breaks through out the journey.

I am sure this will at least address the real cause, PROVIDED other relevant authorities involved in granting and renewing permits and licenses to operate are doing their jobs professionally. So, Ops Bersih, if it is a really genuine initiative, should also look beyond running urine test on drivers and expand the operation to include grilling culprits at the Road Transport Department (JPJ), Police, Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CLVB), Puspakom and Immigration Department. Tough part but if this were to be carried out without prejudice, you’ll see miracles in problem-solving!


~ by pickholes on August 28, 2007.

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