Maddy, Altantuya and NCER

Remember Maddy? The kid that went missing during a family trip in Portugal. The search for her is still ongoing and her parents have recently asked people to re-doubled their effort in finding their little one.


And the latest unfuckingbelievable news, I read that the Portuguese detectives investigating the girl’s disappearance have identified her parents as suspects!!

Maddie’s mother, Kate McCann, was questioned for 11 hours after detectives had suggested that traces of Madeleine’s blood had been found in the family’s hire car.

The whole shocking possibility came after Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria received a batch of results from tests conducted on samples taken from the McCanns’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz. Scientific analysis of these samples, which included flecks of blood found on Madeleine’s bedroom wall by British sniffer dogs, has raised the prospect that the investigation was entering a new phase of shocking possibility. Experts at the Forensic Science Service in Birmingham have spent the past month analyzing the samples, attempting to identify the child’s DNA and establish whether anyone else was in the room on the night she went missing.

Well, I thought Altantuya case and NCER were bizarre enough….



~ by pickholes on September 9, 2007.

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