Ansara UB40

While attentively googling for photos of “malfunction wardrobe” this morning, I was buzzed by a buddy from ol’boys. Not much though, the YM went back and forth, he was doing ok helping out his friends on something that he didn’t feel like revealing it to me. I’m sure there’re some big shits he was working on, well.. just don’t forget me once whatever you’re working on hits the right chord bro.

I was later connected to another friend, whom I’ve not seen since the day we told ‘Pak Arshat’ to kiss our ass us good bye for good. Wonder how she looks like now…. Anyway, she updated me on ‘whats-going-on’ with other bros and sis, and later sent me photos of recent reunion.

Thanks R A. The photos just stalled my mind there. Weird though, made me somber…



~ by pickholes on September 12, 2007.

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