Heartthrob Bollywood actors – Salman and Shah Rukh Khan

I find Bollywood films rather stupid, lifeless, and plain lame; I don’t know why most people that I know love watching them. The actors and actresses are just sooo not real – hunky actors and sexy actresses. Fucking illusive, I am sure in India, these fake species probably represent not even 0.1% of their billions populace.

Not only the actors and actresses are fakes, their films are to me down right lousy. I tried to join missus watching some of the movies, but o man, with the stupid “ultraman-like” fight, the exaggerated weeping after weeping, non stop music with high note voice that iritate the living shit out of you and the dull and typical story line, I’d be fucked if I could even bear a minute more with the films that could sometime take three freaking hours to finish.

Anyway, for those ladies joining Rosmah Mansor stooping low, melting on these Bollywood heartthrob feet, here are some updates on some of them:-

Salman Khan who was released on bail recently pending an appeal for some shit that he got himself into is in a hot soup again. The Indian Muslim cleric has branded Salman as a “non-believer” and ordered to reaffirm his faith in Islam after participating in a festival honouring the Hindu elephant god Ganesh in Mumbai recently. He must reaffirm his faith before an imam and two witnesses, the cleric said.

“Be it a pauper or a king, everyone has to follow the dictates of Islam – nobody has been given the exemption to bypass the tenants of the religion,” religious scholar Nafeez Khan told AFP by telephone.

Another heartthrob actor, Shah Rukh Khan commented recently that seeing what’s happening to Islam around the world, he said categorically that he “needs to be standing for the goodness of Islam”. Yeah right dude….the guy was born Muslim, brought up as a Hindu for most of his life, married to a Hindu with children being brought up in ….uh..nevermind. Hear this, when Shah Rukh Khan prays, he says, the closest he comes to a face are his mother and father – and his dogs! “I love my dog – Chewbacca.


~ by pickholes on September 23, 2007.

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