A380 will fly in October

I read A380 pilot wages issue in Singapore. They demanded for an increase in their base pay for flying this bigger aircraft. The case went to court and fortunately the court ruled that pilots flying A380 will earn more then those operating 747 and other widebodies. They will earn S$700 ($458) per month more than captains on the 747 and first officers will earn S$450 more than a 747 first officer. It was reported that the base pay of a 747 captain is S$10,000 a month so an A380 captain will earn S$10,700.

Beats me on what ground flying A380 deserves a pay hike. I don’t think Airbus made drastic changes and transformations on cockpit layout and operating procedures (that could throw them back to classroom and simulator). I can well understand if makcik tukang cuci dan tukang vacuum request for salary hike – bigger area to clean and its double decker!  A380 benefits from the latest advances in cockpit technology, so whatever improvement made there will only give more and more comfort to pilots. I am sure pilots navigating the aircraft will get to sleep more on board. Try flying Twin Otter!

SIA will be the first airline to fly A380, the world’s biggest double-decker passenger plane, when it launches the flight in October. It will fly to Sydney. You read about the tickets that were auctioned online?? – yeah, its just crazy, a return ticket went as high as USD100,000. Anyway, all proceed was reported to go to charity.

If you google A380, you’d read just how advance we are heading in an airline industry. From the structure design to the deck layout, all features were updated reflecting technology advancement. Fucking amazing!


~ by pickholes on September 30, 2007.

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