Eid Mubarak

I read about the enquiry on top officials of Airbus and EADS, well, I hope they would ram all out on this. Imagine the small punters out there who are suffering as a result of the big-shots game up there.

Insider trading is in fact a daylight robbery, those fuckers should be penalised. The thing is insider-trading is happening all over as we talk, it’s just that some bastards get away scot-free but not all are lucky. Back home, we hardly hear this, but believe me you on this, it’s as rampant as mapiau selling 4D result at Pudu Jail-Bkt Bintang junction, yeah I mean that rampant!

It’s even easier to manipulate the market unnoticed in a rather small market where the movement is basically guarded by a few huge government linked fund managers with most blue chips are politically linked publicly traded companies. Well, they may not call it ‘insider trading’ but it boils down to the same rip-off of poor suckers like us (yeah we could call it “election fund campaign!”).


Its one and half days to go before I could get back to my morning ritual of smoking while taking my morning crap. Raya holiday started today. The government has just announced a 9-day Eid holiday, now that’s what we call holiday! We have plan for this long holiday. My kids are coming. Missus will update.

She (I mean missus) has been in the kitchen (no, not eating) since I woke up busting her nerve on some kek lapis Sarawak – I’ve seen her baking this cake before, well I’d say, busting her ass would be the right analogical explanation of her effort – you would not believe just how hard it is to make one! Anyway, some of the cakes would go to her friends and some for us.

Eid away from home is nothing new, it would be as joyous as years before. Few families here would take turn hosting rumah terbuka, ours, as usual, would be on the first day of Eid, right after solat. On the third day of eid, we’re all set to go camping in a middle of a desert. The kids cannot wait. We went there two years ago, it’s a unique expedition.

Argh..my tummy growls…chow!


~ by pickholes on October 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Eid Mubarak”

  1. selamat hariraya,
    maaf zahir bathin..

  2. enjoy the eid bro. maaf zahir batin.

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