Bhutto, Musharraf and the US

Well Mr Nawaz Sharif, you can kiss Pakistan goodbye and just stay put in Saudi.

The deal has been sealed between Bhutto and Musharraf. Yes, believe me, I am no expert in Pakistan politics (heck I don’t even care) but if you see fiction movies long enough, you could almost tell how this whole Pakistani drama will take us.

The news reported Bhutto indeed had a small secluded meeting with Pakistan’s Musharraf government before she landed her big Pakistani ass in Pakistan. Bhutto who previously ruled out any possible collaboration with a man in uniform has requested Musharraf to resign his army post. Well, that could only mean that she would still want to deal with Musharraf but without his capacity as an army personnel (as a civilian).

So the sicken story will end with Bhutto taking up Pakistan as a PM and tossing Musharraf with a couple of terms of presidency. The end.

No surprise, both Bhutto and Musharraf here are loyal US butt licking individuals, so it is understood that US must have been playing a heck of a role in this whole deal. Not that US is really giving a fuck in restoring democracy, but they just want to ensure that their agenda in this part of the world will not get screwed up by the Bhutto-Musharraf Pakistani drama. Pakistan and India are US strategic political allies for many reasons (only the devil knows), seeing them in a total choas is not a good thing to Uncle Sam. By nudging in, for one, US is confident that their program to counter hardliners, including Taliban and Al Qaida militants near the Afghan border would not be jeopardised and could be continuously implemented.


~ by pickholes on October 17, 2007.

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