Wang bukanlah segala-galanya…

…yeah right, but with money you can do a lot of things bro…

The saying goes “Money is not everything”. Yeah I fully agree to that because its the ONLY thing.

Anyway, to certain people out there, money is not everything and not the only thing too.

One Scottish fisherman has turned down an offer worth £1million from Donald Trump to move out from his small farm just to give way to Mr Billionaire proposed £500million golf resort.

Details here.

I don’t know what the guy was thinking though. He turned his ass against a whopping offer worth a million pounds, so he and his wife and his elderly mother could stay put in their small farm. I’d say, unless he is planting money or there is gold growing from that farm, turning down such an offer for what fucking ever reasons was a down right dumb.

Oh man… for crying out loud, the fool could even change his wife and his mother for that amount of money had he accepted the offer!



~ by pickholes on October 22, 2007.

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