The Japanese ninja skirt

This is one bizarre creation.

One Jap chick unveiled her costume design in Tokyo by claiming she hopes it will help ease women’s fear of crime. You’d laugh your ass off on this one!

The chick invented a skirt doubles as a disguise to make the wearer look like a Coca Cola machine. All the wearer has to do is to lift a flap on the skirt to expose a large sheet of cloth printed with the familiar bright red Coca Cola logo. (Well my advice, just make sure that the act of lifting your skirt is done well before you see any potential weirdos, or else it could just go against you – the skirt-lifting part itself could be so alluring to these perverts!)

The pix here shows by unfolding the sheet and stepping to the side of the street, a woman walking alone could hide behind it to outfox a potential attacker. The inventor says the idea was inspired by a trick used by Japanese ninja assassins, who cloaked themselves in black blankets so they couldn’t be seen at night.




~ by pickholes on October 27, 2007.

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