Tengku Adnan To UK To Find Out Why Tourists Not Coming

Bernama reported that our Tourism Minister will leave for the United Kingdom on Nov 10 to find out why tourist arrivals from there have declined. He said that he would also use the visit to study the tourism trend among the people there to draw up a strategy to attract more Britons to Malaysia.

That’s so smart, very smart, as if there is no other fucking ways to find out reasons for the decline other than having to go and be there himself (or with rest of his entourage). Imagine traveling, dining and spending lavishly on people account. I mean, what is he gonna do when he gets there anywhere, going around and ask people…

Our dear minister : …err..duh..eksikius me sir, why not come to Malaysia huh?
Our dear minister : ..err..visit Malaysia trooly asia…want ah??
Briton: Fuck you….idiot!

Anyway while he is at it, he should also verify why there is a decline, if any, in numbers of tourist coming from places of ‘jin-bertendang’ like Guinea, Sierra Leone, Togo, Gambia or Myanmar. He should go to these places just to make the effort a bit consistent.


~ by pickholes on November 4, 2007.

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