“Broom Award” – at least you can use it at home

Two officers from the Selangor state government agencies were humiliated publicly when they were presented with a broom each on stage by the Mentri Besar (MB) for failing to collect assessment above the target. The Star reports. I’d suppose the dudes in-charge must have been sleeping and apparently didn’t quite meet the mark. The presentation of the USD1.00 worth of broom was held at the annual Selangor Excellence Awards. Most who attended the ceremony felt uncomfortable with the event.

“The broom is not meant to shame the officer but it is a reminder that the government wants all departments to buck up and improve to become results-oriented,” said the MB.

And if you think that was bad enough for someone who doesn’t discharge his duty competently, you should listen to this. In Bangkok, Thai police have arrested a hospital security guard who allegedly killed at least seven and seriously injured another 10 fellow-members of his profession for sleeping on the job. The sicko was finally arrested, ending a five-month- long police manhunt for the serial killer of security guards.

He who has confessed to the killing spree, by bashing them over the head (no, I am sure not with a broom!) for nodding off on the job, attributed his rampage to professional outrage.

“I hate guards who fall asleep on the job and don’t perform their duty!”


~ by pickholes on November 13, 2007.

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