Kids are here

Feel good today. Kids are here and next week, my eldest will arrive. My mom is coming too.

My swift trip home to get the kids went ok, well..not really that OK, but I hate to talk about it here (I’m not gonna get to that, my weekly quota for bitchin’ and cursing has been well met on the day my flight stranded in Al Ain alone – fucking hell! Opps…that just burst the quota).

Missus has cooked up lots of things for the kids to get busy during their stay. Next week, we are heading to Dubai for a couple of days and we’ll see if Syria will be in the next agenda! I am collecting contacts and information on Syria, heard so much about the place. May be we’ll try. The many exotic souqs around Damsyik will definitely appeal missus.


~ by pickholes on November 18, 2007.

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