Saparudin Tukirin scores 5Ds in UPSR, thanks to the teachers and school for the guidance

The media was asked to stop focusing on top students and our minister asked parents to go easy.

These are the reactions to report on days earlier, where one Year Six pupil was found hanged following the release of the UPSR results. The poor kid died a day after.

Our education system is one big fucked-up. The pupil and parents have no choices but to go along with this fucked-up system that the government themselves invented. There have been numerous talks about revamping the system but till now, not a thing has changed. It is all too academic and exams oriented and stressful. Poor thing, at very young age, children are put under too much pressure from exams and studies. We suffered and now our children are suffering. It is all academic! Bottom line, what are the scores or how many string of As ones get.

You cannot fucking blame the media, it is only natural for them to do that.

The minister asked parents to change their attitude. Well, sensibly, how can we tell our kids not to worry so much about exam and results when the school and the system that we are in directly demand our children to get string of As to move on.

Our education system, if not more, is half a century behind – it is so outdated. Others are nourishing children with ideas that learning is fun and the fact that creating a fun study environment helps to develop a balanced life, which will lead to better personal development, and here we are, holding a stick and shouting to class to keep quiet.


~ by pickholes on November 20, 2007.

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