Hindraf – wake up and smell reality!

What we badly need is more locally produced Indian movies in our entertainment industry. The Malaysian Indians are sick and tired of Bollywood movies, they direly need to see movie with a local flavor tossed to it.

The local Indian community is desperate ….

For that reason, you see of late, more and more real-life drama are shown in public just to fill in the tedium of the local Indian community. First, there was an “action thriller” featuring Samy and Kayveas with PPP and MIC. While it is still sizzling hot on media, and now there is a “fiction” featuring “Hindraf”.

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is about one group who plans to rally outside the British High Commission in support of a class-action suit against the British government for bringing Indians to Malaya as indentured workers, for exploiting them for 150 years, and for failing to protect their rights as a minority in the Federal Constitution when independence was granted.

Hindraf was luring Indians with a claim that they stand to receive a compensation of RM1 million each from the British government. That is one million for each Guna, Rama and Shanty that you know around you. The group is absurdly seeking STG4 trillion (RM27.7 trillion) in damages in the suit.

It proves one thing though “its always free to dream”


~ by pickholes on November 24, 2007.

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