It ticks the living hell out of me when I read about some India ministers including their Prime Minister and Foreign Minister expressing their brain-dead concerns over the treatment of Indians in Malaysia.

In absurdity, one of the ministers was raising the issue in cabinet asking what the Government of India could do to end the plight of 1.5 million Indians in Malaysia!. Well… for all I fucking care, you can hail all of ‘em back to Chennai..

If they don’t know, these are Malaysians we are bitching about. Hindraf is all about Malaysia domestic issue and has not a thing to do with India or its citizens.

India faggot politicians can cut the concern crap or shit like that out, I am sure you must have loads of domestic issues yourselves that you can toy around, say…what about building proper sanitary holes for your diarrhea-prone people. I am sure that should fall on your first priority list!


~ by pickholes on December 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “WTF”

  1. I guess the palestinian issue is just a israeli domestic issue, malay problems in singapore is just a Singapore domestic issue, guantanimo is just a US domestic issue, the Muhammad cartoon problem is just a Dannish domestic issue, et al no?

  2. yes malay in singapore is an intenal issue and no, palestine or guantanimo is not an israel or US domestic issue. whats the point here??

  3. yea so true bro, there isnt any domestic relation between israel & palestine also US & guantanamo…
    and it is domestic as long the cartoon is not bout Muhammad…

  4. fuck u man.. malay babi

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