National ‘Intelligence’ Estimate

Vola! the National Intelligence Estimate, compiled intelligently by a bunch of US government’s 16 intelligence agencies, including the CIA and the National Security Agency has concluded that Teheran after all is not, it seems, engaged in the development of nuclear warheads. It was put on hold since four years ago!

Well in many ways, it entirely contradicted Bush administration assertions that Iran intends to develop nuclear weapons. Bush and his supposition of a potential threat of World War Three is one lump of a total crap after all.

Nevertheless, Bush insisted Iran would continue to be a danger as long as it has the knowledge to develop nuclear weapons. Mmm…..

“Iran was dangerous. Iran is dangerous. And Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,” he said, emphasising that US military action was still possible.

Quote from one Senator “President Bush’s heated rhetoric on Iran, including comments about a potential World War Three, is even more outrageous now that we know the intelligence community had informed him that it believes Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons program four years ago……This is the latest in a long line of inaccurate and misleading comments that got us into the Iraq war to begin with.”


~ by pickholes on December 5, 2007.

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