Global Warming is not the only threat to man

Scientists claim to have found a way to make the perfect scaffolding for sports bras. The idea was to stop the jiggling out of the physical activities like jogging.

Oh man….first we had scientist who invented bra, and now this…

I thought Global Warming is the only major threat to man, but now a bunch of these weird ground-breaking scientists who could also be taken as a major threat to us man! What were they thinking…!!

The Scientists have developed an “intelligent fabric” to use when testing bra designs in the lab. Fitted with tiny sensors, the fabric will monitor and measure even the smallest movement in the breast.

Even the most expensive sportswear can fail to take the jiggling out of jogging. From the sensors, the team was able to glean that all the strain and stress from the breast movement was being borne by the straps. Read here.



~ by pickholes on December 11, 2007.

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